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Timeless Decorations For The Getaway Wedding Car

Timeless Decorations For The Getaway Wedding Car

The most iconic moments after every wedding ceremony come as newlyweds race from their dream venue to a getaway limousine. Many memorable snapshots happen as they rush through friends and family lining the way to their awaiting limo. From vintage cars to a party bus for the whole crew, decorating wedding transportation is a great way to keep the celebration going and share it with others. As the vehicle passes through the streets, people honk their horns to express greetings, and others on the sidewalk wave or cheer.

Wedding Cans

Traditionally, the groomsmen decorate the getaway car, but this is really something that both wedding parties can get involved with. This creative way of celebrating the new couple is a time-honored tradition. We have compiled a list of fun yet tasteful decorating ideas for wedding cars. If using an Indianapolis limo rental, make sure to check with your limo service provider about their decorations policies.

Traditional Decorations

The timeless phrase Just Married on a chalkboard sign or fabric banner gives a modern and chic spin on a longstanding practice. Rest the sign in the back window or hanging on the rear bumper for all to see as they pull away. You can also tie ribbons and cans to the back of the car. This custom comes from the days when friends used to chase the newlyweds home banging pots and pans to make sure they consummate the marriage. To get the same effect without all the running, we just tie cans to the bumper. We do not recommend shaving or whipped cream stunts as this can affect car finish. Take great care not to damage the vehicle, especially if it’s a rental; check first with the rental company if any of your attachments are allowed.

Streamers and Balloons

Add more color to the couple’s getaway ride by tying a mix of white and colored streamers onto the side-view mirrors and the door handles. You can follow the wedding’s color scheme or you can go for a rainbow of colors. For added fun, put some balloons inside the car so they are surrounded by the celebration all the way to their destination.

Floral Arrangements, Garland and Wreaths

Easy to make or buy custom-made, floral arrangements are a timeless decoration. A beautifully decorated wreath with colorful flowers looks beautiful resting outside the limo. Surround the Just Married sign with a leafy garland with blooms from the wedding. We also love the idea of a large floral arrangement resting on the car hood as the limo waits outside. This décor always makes amazing props in wedding photos.

Champagne and Treats

You can also show some love to the newlyweds by including a bottle of chilled champagne on the back seat and some treats in a basket. Many couples barely get to eat during the wedding feast meaning they will definitely be hungry and thirsty as they drive off. They will appreciate this small gesture of thoughtfulness.

Not all wedding transportation needs over-the-top decorating. When going with a vintage limo or some other spectacular carriage, less is more. Sticking to the classics like the Just Married sign, floral garland, and simple decorations around the car instead of attached to it can give the same feel without causing potential harm. For more inspiration ideas, check WeddingWire out.

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