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Making The Most of Your Limousine Experience

Making The Most of Your Limousine Experience

No matter the occasion, hiring a limousine company will make any trip more memorable. Enjoy the high-roller experience of riding around on a luxury vehicle. Many people think of weddings or prom when they see a limo, but there are many different limo services in Indianapolis where you can take a ride for just about any reason. Plan a special outing with your significant other or close friends. Here are a few fun things to do when you’re in a limo to make the night extra special.

Prepare the Entertainment

Some limo rentals come with flat screens or multiple music sources. These are particularly good for long trips, but your choices might often be limited to the movies or music they have available. For more personalized in-house entertainment, you may ask the limo service beforehand if you might be able to bring your own DVDs or iPod so you can rock along with your favorite jams or movies.

Stock Up On Refreshments

Spirits make any occasion just a little bit better. Many companies provide water but cannot legally provide alcohol (or charge a crazy fee for doing so). This means you should plan to bring your own adult beverages along with some nibbles for the ride. Remember to ask the rental company first about their policies regarding food and beverages. Also, you should designate someone in your group to communicate with the driver in case the fun goes a little overboard.

Play Party Games

Depending on your crew and where you plan to go, playing some road games along the way makes your trip all the more fun. You can go old school with Truth or Dare or get crazy with a drinking game like Never Have I Ever. You can really turn any game into a drinking game if you get creative enough, like trivia or even Heads-Up! Whether you wan to drink or not, whatever game may come to mind, remember to play one that everyone can easily enjoy.

To truly enjoy the full experience of your limo tour, make memorable moments with your friends inside. The party never ends when you take a chauffeured ride for a day trip or a night on the town.

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