Hire an Indianapolis Limo Service and Enjoy these Bachelor Party Ideas

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No memorable Indy wedding can go on without the groom having his party on with friends first, and if Hollywood is to be believed, no bachelor party can happen without booze, laughter, and a whole lot of hijinks. If you want to make sure that your party never gets stale as the night wanes on, you can always hire a trusted limo service in Indianapolis to take you to various places around the Circle City without having to worry about who the designated driver is. As to where you can go, here are some affordable ideas that you might want to consider:

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Before you get sloshed with your buddies, how about a nice, friendly competition inside a bowling alley first? There are nice spots you can try in Emerson Avenue, Massachusetts Avenue, or in Washington Street. You can even up the stakes a bit by having the losing team buy the first round of drinks or pay for dinner.

Game Night

If you’re a big Pacers or Indiana Ice fan, and your bachelor party happens to coincide with a major game, you don’t have to sacrifice either to have the time of your lives. Hit downtown Indy and take your party to sports clubs and watch the action unfold while holding a nice mug of beer in one hand.


You’d probably want to spend a part of your bachelor party hearing stuff your buds want to say to and about you, and if you want to save the sappy, emotional stuff for the wedding reception, turn it into a roast instead. The Knot writer Elise Proulx tells how:

You’ve heard of Friar’s Club roasts — events honoring one person during which various and sundry friends and colleagues rip and rib the hell out of him. Sound vaguely like the trash talk you guys give each other when you play ball? Round up the guys and build a “throne” for the groom (imagination is a necessity here), then fill the room (whether at a restaurant, bar, or home) and launch into the guy. Remember to keep it light.


If you want a way to vent after your best man and friends “roasted” you, why not shoot them up nice with paint pellets? Take them to places like White River Paintball or Dark Armies and show them the error of their ways!

There are always fun ways to celebrate your last day as a bachelor, and in a city like Indianapolis, you don’t have a shortage of choices. Of course, the best way to hit more than just one of these places is by hiring reliable Indianapolis limo service from companies like Antique Limousine of Indianapolis.

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