Simple Tips on Perfectly Decorating the Getaway Wedding Limousine

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Nothing says that a couple just got married better than a creatively decorated getaway limousine. This is perhaps the most iconic scene of weddings everywhere: The newlyweds running towards a vintage limousine, and driving off with the words “Just Married” at their vehicle’s back window.

Traditionally, the groomsmen decorate getaway cars and limousines, but the bridesmaids, flower girls and ring bearers are also welcome to help. This is the perfect chance for you to bring out your creative self. Consider these ideas on prepping the newlyweds’ getaway vehicle.

Wedding Cans

Traditional Decorations

You can always go old school and scribble “Just Married” along the back or at the windows of the limousine. Tying old shoes to the back of the bumper is also a common decoration for getaway vehicles, since leather was traditionally believed to ward off evil spirits. Tin cans or anything that makes noises will do, should you be a bit short on old shoes. Take great care not to damage the vehicle, especially if it’s a rental one; check first with the rental company if any of your attachments are allowed.

Streamers and Balloons

Add more colors to the couple’s getaway ride by tying some streamers onto the side-view mirrors and the door handles. You can follow the wedding’s color scheme, or you can go for a rainbow of colors. It’s also a great idea to add some balloons to the car, since nothing says celebration better than a couple of inflatables.

Champagne and Treats

You can also show some thought for the newlyweds by including bottles of champagne in an ice-filled bucket on the back seat or include some treats in a basket, especially if the couple misses out on much of the wedding feast and they’ll definitely be hungry as they drive off. Of course, you could always spray some Silly Strings around the bottles or the basket for added decoration. The newlyweds will definitely appreciate these small gestures of thoughtfulness.

Why Design the Getaway Limousine?

A lavishly decorated getaway vehicle has a particular appeal. As it passes along, other drivers tend to honk their horns and scream their greetings, while people along the sidewalk wave and offer cheers. This is definitely the perfect way of ending a newlywed couple’s wedding.

Aside from decorating the getaway cars, you also have variety to choose from when renting limos in Indianapolis from companies like Antique Limo of Indianapolis. With their range of vintage and modern limousines alike, these businesses can help newlyweds get to and from their wedding in style.

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