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Rolls Royce Car Rental Features

Passenger Capacity: 4

Extra Leg Room With Cushioned Seating

Foldout Trays and Footrests

Leather Interior with Polished Wood Trim

This antique limo is all about experiencing the fanfare of yesteryear. With a polished exterior and plush interior, this timeless car will help you make unforgettable memories and look amazing in your photo album.

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More About Our Rolls Royce Limousine Rental

The 1953 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith marks the standard for luxurious transportation. As a historically popular choice for royalty and diplomatic ceremonies, this unique vehicle perfectly suits a king and queen. This touring limousine fits in beautifully for wedding transporation, anniversaries, and intimate outings. Our Rolls Royce boasts a lavish interior with wood grain features and burgundy leather seating. Fully restored and better than ever, you and your significant other will stand out in any setting arriving in this glorious car.

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