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Shuttle Bus Rental Features

Passenger Capacity: 24

Hardwood floors and large windows

Leather Seats with Armrests and Headrests

Cargo/Luggage space with overhead storage

When you have a lot of people in your party and want luxurious comfort at an affordable price, our fleet’s shuttle bus is a great option. This shuttle bus is top pick for our corporate clients. Each passenger has first class legroom and seat space in this popular transportation option.

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More About Our Shuttle Bus Rental

Our 24-passenger shuttle bus comes with high-end features such as hardwood floors, large windows, wide leather seats with head and armrests. It also includes practical features like USB charging sources, AM/FM radio, Bluetooth capability and overhead storage. This bus is perfect for transporting extra large groups to special events or casual gatherings and it makes a great choice for airport shuttles. Even at maximum capacity, everyone has plenty of personal space available. We highly recommend this vehicle for those looking to travel comfortably in understated luxury.

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