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Johnstone/Vargo Wedding, 11-08-14, SSts. Peter & Paul to Union Station
Eads Honor Flight, 11-08-14, Home to Honor Flight to DC
Godby/Carter Wedding, 10-25-14, Roberts Park UMC to The Arts Garden
Meyers/Wensink Wedding, 10-18-14, JW to The Sanctuary & Back
Grabill/Gordon Wedding, 10-04-14, Statehouse to Laurel Hall
Campbell Wedding, 9-20-14, Downtown Hilton & The Zoo
Slain Wedding, 9-13-14, St. Maria Gorretti to Ritz Charles
Davis Night Out, 9-13-14, All Around Indy
Frederick Wedding, 12-6-14, Mavris & The Circle
Skowronek/Big 12-6-14, Home to Lucas Oil & Back
Heger Wedding, 11-8-14, St. Mary’s Downtown
Parker Wedding, 11-15-14, Ritz Charles
Christian Family Dinner, 10-15-14, Home to St. Elmo’s & Back
Staton/Thompson Wedding, 08-23-14, Noblesville First UMC to Ritz Charles
Simons/Smith Wedding, 08-09-14, Ritz Charles to The Renaissance
Weaver/Freeman Wedding, 07-12-14, Immaculate Heart of Mary to the Stutz Bldg
Miller/Larrison Wedding, 08-01-14, Mustard Seed Gardens to The Conrad
Harris/Wallace Wedding, 07-25-14, St. Luke’s to Indiana Landmark Ctr to The Conrad
Deckard/Argote Wedding, 07-19-14, Laurel Hall to Hilton North
Deuerlenger/Calvert Wedding, 07-26-14, Stone’s Crossing to Jones Crossing
Green/Miley Wedding, 07-26-14, Home to Ambassador House and Back
Kendall Wedding, 07-19-14, Hillcrest CC to Home
Meyers B-Day, 07-12-14, Home to Victory Field and Back
Kern/Gondol Wedding, 06-21-14, Meridian St UMC to Prime 47
Dial/Thomas Wedding, 06-14-14, East 91st St Christian to Stone Creek
Spear/Schockman Wedding, 05-10-14, GreenAcres (Cinti) to Cincinnatian Hotel
Smith Wedding, 04-26-14, All Downtown
Barnes Prom, 05-10-14, Home to Mill Creek Conv Ctr to Applebee’s
Gray 72nd B-Day, 05-09-14, Pndltn HS to Downtown & Back
Ellis 10th B-Day, 05-31-13, Home to Ice Cream & Back
Lavender’s 14th B-Day Party, 05-31-13, School to Puccini’s to Skyzone
Gall Bachelorette Party, 05-30-13, Home to Ivy Nails and Mesh Restaurant
Rush/Sapp Wedding, 05-03-14, Garden Chapel to Creative Arts Ctr.
Headlee Prom, 05-03-14, Home to Dawson’s to Hyatt & Back
Lang Prom, 04-22-14, Home to The Fountains & Back
Providence Christ Rey Prom Night Photo Shoot, 04-26-14, Allison Mansion
Barnes Prom, 04-26-14, Home to Harry & Izzy’s to Children’s Museum & Back
Trepanier Prom, 04-26-14, Home to Dinner to Children’s Museum & Back
Purcell/Lynn Wedding, 03-29-14, Home to Franklin to Greenwood
Jones 62nd Anniversary!! 04-18-14, Home to Hyatt/Eagle’s Nest
Nagy Bachelorette Party, 04-19-14, Home to Various Wineries & Back
Stratford Living Photo Shoot, 04-18-14, Carmel
Vandivier Concert Night, 04-11-14, Home to Cher Concert & Back
Richardson Wedding, 04-12-14, Cincinatti, OH
Amos Bachelorette Party, 04-12-14, Home to DT & Back
Gray Wedding, 04-05-14, Columbus, IN
Mario B-Day Celebration, 04-6-14, Home to Hard Rock & Back
Hillers Bachelor Party, 04-05-14, Home to Everywhere
Christopher Wedding, 3-29-14, Central Library to Marriott
Cole Birthday Celebration, 3-16-14, Home to Dinner & back
Telez 21st B-Day, 2-21-14, Several Homes to Ike & Jonesey’s and back
Williams NYE Night Out, 12-31-13, Shelbyville
Avila NYE Night Out, 12-31-13, Home to Sensu & Back
Dunford Wedding, 12-28-13, Terre Haute
Rider Holiday Light Tour, 12-27-13, Home to Holiday Light Tour & Back
Kuhn Night Out, 12-27-13, Home to Around DT
Burkhardt Concert Night, 12-11-13, Home to Banker’s Life & Back
Deem Concert Night, 12-11-13, Home to Banker’s Life & Back
Perry School Dance, 12-07-13, Home to Z’ville Boys and Girls Club
Kotterman Wedding, 12-7-13, Fisher’s UMC to Plum Creek GC
Parker Sweet 16, 12-7-13, Home to Dinner to Dave & Buster’s
Bill G Black Friday Shopping, 11-28-13, Home to Castleton/Keystone & Back
Levi/Nash Wedding, 11-02-13, Paramount Theatre to Sybaris
Wolverton Wedding, 10-19-13, Trader’s Point Creamery to The Conrad