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Pre-Deployment Party Ideas

Pre-Deployment Party Ideas

Almost every family in America will have at least one member who served or is serving in the armed forces and every few months, the serviceperson’s home unit will be called up for operations or joint exercises overseas. When your loved one is summoned for deployment, you would definitely want to make sure the last night before they go is something to remember. Local.com writer Shelly Barclay says a night out can be made memorable with a rented limousine to help bring the serviceperson and a select group of friends and family to the party or celebration venue.

The scenario above can easily tug at Indy residents’ heartstrings, especially those who have family serving in the military. Some may even remember when Colts punter Pat McAfee bought a new SUV for an Army sergeant’s family after a game against the Rams. If you want to make your loved one’s pre-deployment night special, why not rent a limo from Indianapolis companies like Antique Limousine of Indianapolis?

How many people will be joining you?

The night out may depend on whether your loved one prefers a large group or a simple gathering of a few friends and family members. When you have the party size down, you can then choose a vehicle from your preferred Indianapolis limo service that can accommodate everyone. Companies like Antique Limousine of Indianapolis can handle a large entourage with a stretch limo or SUV.

Planning the Route

Planning the details of the night requires accounting for your loved one’s interests. This will factor into how many places your group can go to for the duration of the limo rental. You can discuss the route with the driver before the night out.

On Best Behavior

Since it’s the serviceperson’s night, everyone should be on his or her best behavior possible. Then again, make sure that the person of the hour will be both safe and sober; Barclay says soldiers going out in civilian activities like nights out should ideally not drink or be offered one. In fact, the serviceperson may be ordered not to drink alcohol as part of pre-deployment preparations.

“Parting is such sweet sorrow,” or so the popular adage goes. When it’s about you having to wish well to a loved one being called on deployment, taking care of them in the last hours before call-up makes it extra special. So make that pre-deployment party fun and worth remembering with a classy limo ride! Your loved one will surely cherish the memories until you meet again.

(Source: Ideas for a Military Deployment Party, Local.com)

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