Make an Entrance by Hiring a Professional Indianapolis Limo Service

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Whether it’s a wedding, prom, an anniversary or any other special occasion, it’s more memorable with a splashing entrance. Imagine what your friends and family would say if you show up in an elegant limousine. Sure, buying an actual limo is expensive but you can always rent one. That’s where an Indianapolis limo service comes in.

Best Limo

Here are some things to consider when finding the perfect limousine service in Indianapolis for your special occasion:

Safety Comes First

Look for limousine services that have high ratings, great reviews and a good reputation. Make sure they are registered with the state or local authorities. An ideal service provider should be able to show you proper documentation of licenses and insurance.

Types of Limousine

There are many different types of limousines. What you need to do is choose a style that would be appropriate for the occasion. If you are a large group traveling to a party, you would need a limo that can accommodate all of you, such as a Hummer Limo. If the vehicle is going to be used as a bridal car, go for a vintage-style limo.


Most companies have an established rate for limousine rentals. More often than not, they have package deals. Even so, you would need to check for details like fuel surcharges and credit card fees. Ask for all the inclusive fees to avoid overspending. An article by Andrew Folib at Angie’s List also recommends:

Review Your Options in Person

If you’re renting for a major event, like a wedding or prom, take the time to see the vehicle you’re renting. Nothing is more deflating than getting picked up in an old limousine or worn and tired party bus. You might be able to get a good sense of the vehicle from pictures online, but make sure to confirm that the transportation you expect is the transportation you get.

Other Matters

Ask limousine services like Antique Limousine of Indianapolis about other concerns you may have about the vehicle or the trip. Do they provide drinks and ice? Do they allow pets inside the limousine? Do they have carpets in a different color? How long would it take to get to the destination? Do they have Wi-Fi inside the vehicle? All these could go a long way, so ask away and be sure you’ll have a night to remember.

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