An Indianapolis Limo Ride Completes a Person with Special Need’s Prom

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Proms are among the most important events in a teenager’s life. After all, they are a sort of rite of passage where teenage girls and boys take their first steps towards adulthood; where they accept that they are becoming men and women ready to face the world. Today, even people with special needs can experience the luxury and sophistication that other teenagers experience in a prom, from wearing pretty dresses or coats to riding an Indianapolis limo, all to make them feel like kings and queens for the night.

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Take, for example, the prom night held for teenagers with special needs in Mandarin, Jacksonville last year: 80 boys and girls were given the star treatment, complete with make-up and dresses, as they walked down the red carpet and were ushered onto the dance floor. These teens then ended their night with a limo ride around the perimeter of the venue to complete their prom experience. This event was spearheaded by Christ’s Church in Mandarin, and aimed to give them a memorable night.

This is not the first time a prom for people with special needs has ever been held. In Memphis, for instance, the Christ United Methodist Church also gave over 110 youths aged 16 and up the prom experience, and even extended the limit to 22 year-olds who never got the pleasure of attending in a prom. With their personal preferences and medical limitations, taken care of, the prom was ultimately a success.

Going to a prom might be difficult for people with various disabilities, especially if those disabilities give them a hard time fitting in with people who don’t have them. Events like these, however, are just what they need to feel right at home, break out of their shells, and have fun just like everybody else.

If you’re planning to hold a similar prom for people with special needs, making them feel like royalty should be at the top of your list. With the help of services that offer vintage Indianapolis limo rental, like Antique Limousine of Indianapolis, you can give them a magical night to remember.

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