Seeking Limo Service in Indianapolis Well Ahead of Your Wedding Day

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Getting to the wedding venue on time is something that often requires ironing out a long time before the big day itself. Blogger Angelica Bragg writes for Bridal Guide:

Booking Wedding Transportation

When I first got engaged, I immediately bought a humongous binder (which I still own) containing worksheets on how to help novice brides like myself plan their wedding with organized glee. I filled out many of the pages and felt like I had just passed a final exam — until I got to the transportation section. How do I get my guests from Point A to Point B and map out our itinerary? Who do we include, who do we not include and where on Earth are we all going?!

Indianapolis certainly knows no limit to wedding backdrops giving couples a boost as to why it’s fun to get married in Naptown; part of that excitement is meeting the challenge of arriving at the venue and making sure no one gets left behind. A limo service in Indianapolis like Antique Limousine of Indianapolis is the right one to hammer that element of your game plan.


Brides want every last part of the wedding to go like clockwork. Bragg suggests that when booking your preferred limo rental, you should make the call at least six months in advance, but act fast; if the wedding’s slated before summer, you might be beaten out by rentals for prom or high-school graduation after parties. You also have to map out the limo’s route, such as going to the salon, picking up the entourage and heading to the wedding venue, and going with your spouse to your honeymoon.


Consultations with your preferred Indianapolis limo service will focus on the type of vehicle you want to use and the rates for each, which you will then factor into your overall wedding budget. Some vehicles can make your elderly loved ones smile; companies like Antique Limousine have restored cars dating back to the 30s.

In signing the rental contract, Bragg says all of the details you and the service agreed upon must be clearly listed in the provisions. These will include all inclusive rates, driver gratuity, fuel surcharges, the vehicle you specified, and the time and location of pickups and drop-offs.


An additional backstop will be to have another of the same vehicle assigned in case the original breaks down. Either way, you should inspect the vehicle to ensure it’s in top condition.

Booking a special limo for your wedding day is always a winner when you get it early on. Isn’t it time you and your spouse finally stepped into a car that has “Just Married” at the back?

(Source: 6 Great Tips for Booking Wedding Transportation, Bridal Guide)

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