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How To Host A 1930’s Party

How To Host A 1930’s Party

So you’re planning to host a themed party for your friends and family in the Circle City, and you have your mind set on a nice throwback to the Golden Age of Hollywood: the 1930s. While this period is a great font of fast cars and a wide array of fashionable clothes, a sign of being strong despite the time of the Great Depression, you should make sure that all your decorations are suited for the period, down to a vintage limo from Indianapolis rental companies.

Theme Party

The 1930s gave rise to big jazz bands, swing, as well as the growth of country music, which started about a decade earlier. With the stock market crash bogging down everyone’s minds, Americans needed to find ways to keep themselves entertained through various means, and music was one of the most embraced. Therefore, you might want to have a vintage jukebox for full effect.


An article in the Celebrations 360 blog site by Rossi Dudrick talks about how you can spruce up your party place by dressing it up with every 1930s décor you can think of:

Create a nostalgic look by visiting thrift shops and flea markets for retro home décor to enhance the 30s scheme. Look for Art Deco, or Modern sleek lines. You can mix in Tudor and Georgian pieces that were also popular at the time. If you already have such items on hand, it will make decorating your theme party easier. An affordable way to “hang a mood” is with 1930s retro posters and prints. You could also display popular art of the day from Georgia O’ Keeffe, Jackson Pollock, or Willem de Kooning. Do a search on eBay if you have a specific item in mind.

Movie Posters

The people’s craving for entertainment also streamed onto movies, which is why the 1930s today is known as the Golden Age of Hollywood, where advancements in film sound and color began. Due to this, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to use memorabilia and posters for cinematic gems like Gone with the Wind, King Kong, the Blue Angel, and the Wizard of Oz.


Get your guests to the party in style, and nothing says 1930s better than a sleek, classy, vintage set of wheels. Popular cars in this period include the Buick series 40, Ford V-8 Cabriolet, Chrysler Royal, and the fancy Cadillac series 60. You can either have one or two as decorations, or take it further and work with limo rental companies like Antique Limousine of Indianapolis that specialize in vintage vehicle models.

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