Strolling in an Indianapolis Limo: Ideas for a Clean Bachelor’s Party

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A wedding night could be just as stressful for any groom as it is for the bride. As with the brides, grooms, too, along with their entourage, could use some “off-time” before the big exchange of “I dos,” and if brides could have their bridal shower, so could grooms with their own bachelor’s party.

20 bachelor party ideas

Typically, among younger party-goers, a bachelor party would be as this writer of describes: “ If you’re over the age of 12, you know that the traditional bachelor party involves strippers, booze, and then more strippers. [Yawn.] That’s all fine. And we would never discourage lapdances and liquor.”  Frankly, though, those stereotypical assumptions of a bachelor’s party are not everyone’s thing.

For guys not into all that, it can be tough to dig up ideas for a fun, unique celebration, but the ideas are out there, all right. Here are a few ideas for some bachelor party events that can be just as memorable – minus the strippers.

Sports Tournament

A group of athletically inclined men can organize a sports tournament complete with custom tee-shirts, personalized hats, and all other items related to sports fandom. Some good sports include basketball, baseball, football, soccer, and golf. On the other hand, if there are more watchers or observers than actual players in the group, they can just go rent a fancy limo in Indianapolis to go see the groom’s favorite team in the arena.

Adventure Outing

If the groom is an adventure and outdoors buff, why not go camping out? There’s a wide array of choices for group trips outdoor, such as overnight fishing trips or hunting parties (complete with a rented cabin), kayaking, ATV riding, or zip lining. Before the day ends, a couple swigs of good beer around a campfire should add an intimate touch to the camaraderie to make the celebration much more special.

Classic steak dinner

Call up a trusty limo rental in Indianapolis and hit one of the country’s best steak houses in style; the likes of Morton’s, Ruth’s Chris, or Peter Luger. After eating a juicy load of premium beef, head out to the fanciest wine cellars and cigar houses to unwind and relax the night away while exchanging “bro” stories.

Limo rental services like Antique Limousine of Indianapolis are on hand to make any bachelor’s night around town with friends, go smooth and stress-free as the party bumps from one destination to another. Only a call or message away, a dependable limo service can make your bachelor’s night-out just as clean and safe—and memorable—as any other’s.


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