Indianapolis Limo Service: Just One Way to Make Weddings Extra Special

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There are few occasions in your life as momentous as the day you finally tie the knot. After all, this is the day you join hearts with the love of your life—and in front of both your families to boot!

10 ways to make your wedding more memorable

To make the big day memorable, you’ve planned every last detail, from your attire to the food, to the wedding cake and down to the flowers. If you think you’ve exhausted everything though, here are a few more things you can do to make your big day extra special:

Dedicate the Bouquet
Throwing your bouquet to the bachelorettes is quickly becoming passé, says an article from Author Kym Stelmachers offers a more memorable alternative instead:

“Something I’ve grown to dislike very much at weddings is the “Bouquet Toss,” in fact I’ve come to find it very tacky and meaningless. No longer is it exciting to race to the floor to announce to a room full of couples that you’re still single and ready to catch a symbol of someone else’s happiness. Instead, something I’ve recently seen done as an alternative is for a bride to opt out of tossing her bouquet for a chance to dedicate it to the one woman in the room who has made the greatest impact on her life, often a mother, grandmother, aunt or friend. It was a welcome change and it definitely created a memory I’d like to see repeated.”

Record Your Guests’ Well Wishes
Instead of passing around a book where guests can write their well wishes, why not just record their messages? After all, books can become tattered over the years or have pages come loose, while videos are much better for posterity (aside from lending a more personal feel). Furthermore, recording videos is remarkable easy these days, since smartphones can now record in high-definition. This is also a great way to include even those guests that can’t make it to your wedding.

Hire a Vintage Limo in Indianapolis
Want to make a grand entrance at your wedding? What better way to do so than to arrive in a 1938 Cadillac Model 75—the first limousine model ever built!

Not only does the vintage limo add a sophisticated touch to your wedding, your guests will also love having their photos taken with it. If a fairytale wedding is what you’re going for, you can’t go wrong by hiring a vintage Indianapolis limo from established companies like Antique Limousine of Indianapolis.

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