Getting Married: Arrive in Style through an Indianapolis Limo Service

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Weddings are celebrations that herald a new life for both bride and groom. Being the special occasion that it is, why not arrive in style—in an elegant vintage car, for example, from an established limo service, such as Antique Limousine of Indianapolis. It’s one of those occasions where you don’t have to be vastly wealthy to be served by a uniformed chauffer and driven around in one.

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Not all limos, however, are created equally. writer Nina Callaway poses some questions you need to ask before signing up for a limo service for your wedding.

  • How old is the limousine?
  • What will the chauffeur wear?
  • Is gratuity included in the price?
  • Is it cheaper to get a package deal?
  • What happens if we need to cancel?
  • Are there any extras included in the price, such as a bottle of champagne, decorations, sun roof, etc.?

Those are just basic questions; before hiring a limo service in Indianapolis, you need to decide whether you need the car for the entire event. This means you need the transportation beyond the place of ceremony and reception, to other destinations, such as the airport for your honeymoon trip, or to a nearby hotel. Since rates are usually pegged by the hour, you need to figure this in your wedding budget. Let your limo service company know your itinerary beforehand, especially with multiple pickups, to avoid misunderstanding and unexpected charges.

Take time out to choose the limo car you want from the company’s lineup. Many excellent Indianapolis limo service companies, such as Antique Limousine of Indianapolis, offer a decent selection of vehicles depending on the number of passengers and the client’s preferences. Be prepared and have a backup vehicle ready. Limousines are machines and can break down. Having a backup limo ready for use may add a little to the bill, but you’ll get the assurance that you got this covered in case something goes wrong.

Renting the right limousine, along with the professional service and complimentary giveaways the company provides, is one way to clinch an awe-inspiring, memorable event. After all, the walk to the altar begins with a trip that should take you safely and snugly to where it will all happen.

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